pre-WW2 Polish Military Compass wz. K.M 32,


Poland, Z.Jeznacki in Warsaw, 1932 - 1939. White metal

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A marching compass made of white metal with a strong hinge, lid of the impressed with a Polish Eagle, the letters W.P (Wojsko Polskie - Polish Army) and the name of the manufacturer, series number and design. "Z. Jeznacki Warszawa wz. K.M.32 no.10455 ". A ring is mounted on the top of the compass. Elements of the compass such as magnetic pointer, dial, switch lever pointer, are functional and preserved in very good condition in the original patina. The compass has a “F1” oval military war department acceptance mark of Major Frejszmidt.

The compass is one of the main elements of the soldier of the 2nd Polish Republic, reliable, made with great care and precision, was very popular among the soldiers. Compass arrow pointers are covered with fluorescent paint still glows in the dark, and the mechanism of the object itself after so many years since its inauguration in the army ranks fulfills the function to which it was created.