World War II press photography of the 2nd Polish Corps Soldier (by Melchior Wankowicz)


9,5 x 14,3 cm

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The rectangular in shape, the black and white picture depicts in the quarter length a Polish Allied soldier. He is wearing the British uniform with the Polish Corporal insignia on the shoulder boards. Inscribed on the back in Polish “ M. Cassino, May 1944; photography by the war correspondent Wankowicz. The helmet was shoot however the soldier achieved no harm”.  The first part of the stamp reads in Polish “Odz Prop I Kult A.P.W; Referat Fotograficzny’ what means, “The department of Propaganda and Culture of the Polish Army in the West”.

The number of allied countries and nations contributed to the Victory at the series of Monte Cassino battles, which resulted a breakthrough to Rome. The II Polish Corps played the crucial role at the final battle, whose soldiers climbed and captured the Monastery Hill. The Monte Cassino battle was one of the most important during the II World War and contributed to the defeating Natzi-Germany.

This press photography was made by Melchior Wankowicz, the iconic Polish writer and war correspondent of the middle of XX century. His presence at Monte Cassino battle, resulted the three part book “Battle of Monte Cassino” which is one of the most fascinating and best written pieces in the history of Polish reportage.