WW2 Polish Airforce Set - 1586 Special Squadron!


1942-1947, United Kingdom/Italy

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Uniform of Warrent Officer Jerzy Lewinski, the flight mechanic of Halifax MK. II /Series I A JP-281, GR-L of No. 1586 (Polish Special Duties) Flight Squadron. Firstly served in 316 "Warsaw" Squadron, then transfered to 1586 Squadron where between 22nd of April 1944 and 30th June 1944 makes 42 missions aboard the Halifax, including 9 air drops to occupied Poland with drops for the Polish Resistance. Remaining flights were to Italy and Yugoslavia, droping ammunition, equipment and SOE agents behind enemy lines. He was awarded the Cross of Valor three times. After the war, he emigrated to Canada where he died. He is mentioned in the book "Bomby Spadły", written in 1980 by Henryk Kwiatkowski.

On the 10th November 1942, by day order 40/42, point 7, he was awarded the Honorary Badge of 316th Squadron. On the jacket, the original badge of the 316 Squadron in silver marked "SILVER" and numbered "51". The badge of the pilot mechanics of British production by J.R Gaunta below which is the  ribbon bar for triple Polish Cross of Valor. Golden buttons with Polish eagles, British production. Cap with a metal eagle of the Polish Air Force. The jacket, only bears the british Warrent Officer arm patch rank distinction, without the Polish collar rank. This is due to the fact that the 1586 Squardon was directly under British Commando and not officialy part of the Polish Air Force until transfered into 301 Squadron.

Such unique set in a impeccable condition is a huge rarity on the market. Futher story of the former owner, W/O Jerzy Lewiński is brought closer by the book "Bomby Spadły" where his flights and the emotions experienced by the whole crew are described by his commander - Henryk Kwiatowski. A time capsule of the Polish History.